Multi-function Studio Strobe light DR Series

basic information

Mettle multi-function studio strobe light DR series has a built-in radio receiver,stroboscopic & FP function and very short flash duration.The light can flash 20 times at most,it can shoot moving trajectory accurately.The shortest flash duration is faster than 1/10000 second so that the photographers can freeze any motion easily.



Code B353 B354
Model D300R D400R
Power source AC 200-240V 50Hz or Ac 100-120V 60Hz
Strobe output 300Ws 400Ws
(ISO100)Guide No.(ISO100) 54m 65m
Cooling fan Build-in mini fan cooler
Power Range IGBT 1/32-1/1(5 steps)Continuous variable adjustment
Recycle time 0.5-1s
Flash duration 1/10000-1/800s
Beam angle 55°
Slave sensitivity 10m
Modeling lamp E27/150W
Color temperature 5600K
Synch cord voltage 6V DC
Remote Trigger Built-in 2.4G Remote Trigger
Housing size 125X127X320 mm
Weight 2.2Kg 2.5Kg


High Speed Strobe  
Mettle Multi-function Studio Strobe Light
Ordinary Strobe Light
Stroboscopic Function - Shooting Moving Trajectory


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