Short Recycle Time Digital Studio Strobe Light

basic information

Mettle short recycle time digital studio strobe light is developed for taking photos for children & models,the short recycle time & flash duration can freeze the motion clearly and easily,make the shooting more efficient.It is the ideal lighting equipemnt for taking photo for children & models.



Code B363 B364 B365
Model 300Q 400Q 600Q
Strobe output 300Ws 400Ws 600Ws
Guide No.(ISO100) 54m 65m 72m
Cooling fan Build-in mini fan cooler
Output variation IGBT 1/32-1/1 Continuous variable adjustment
Recycle time 0.5s 1s
Flash duration 1/10000-1/1000s
Synch cord voltage 6V DC
Housing size 136x127x320mm
Weight 2.2Kg 2.5Kg 3.0Kg
On a
C Series Studio Strobe Light
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